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Build your company's content brand marketing and gain valuable exposure and insight by partnering with Tastings, the complete, professional review company for wine, spirits and beer. We love partnering with trade businesses and organizations that use unique ways to reach new customers and create experiences for our current ones through events, digital media and initiatives that align with our focus. We offer content licensing, partnership agreements and advertising opportunities on, The Slurp blog, NightCap newsletter or this Trade site,

Content provider

  • You could use Tastings' 40,000+ review database for keyword trends, pricing strategy or flavor profile analysis.
  • Our content provides national retailers, print magazines, and digital sites professional and credible resources for consumer-driven reviews.
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    Event Promoter

  • If you're in the food and/or liquor industry, use the power of to promote your event or entertainment.
  • We've gained notoriety by showcasing top brands and producers, helping to promote them at food and wine festivals, industry trade tastings, and international conferences.

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