How do I pick the right category?

We have three main product categories, Wine, Spirits and Beer. Our six other unique product categories that separate us from other tasting competitions are Mixers, Bitters, Sake, Cider, Mead and Packaging. You can submit any style of Wine or Beer throughout the year for a review to be posted in 45 days from submission date. All Spirits must be submitted within the category month. Out-of-Schedule Spirits reviews are conducted by our Private Consulting Division. Submit your products according to the category tastings outlined in our Schedules.

What is your World Value Wine Challenge?

Just in time for O/N/D, we feature our World Value Wine Challenge, entry deadline August 1st. It is an annual event to enter all of your wines priced at or below $20 retail. We wrap a special feature in this unique review with media links, trade posts and consumer outreach. It's our most popular wine review and it focuses on finding this best quality at the best price.

What is the Best Buy Bar Challenge?

If you have a quality Spirits brand priced at or below $25 retail, submit it to our Best Buy Bar competition. It's a popular spirits review and results are driven towards consumers that want to find a great spirit at a low price. The winners of each category are also featured as the Best Buy choices in our Virtual Bar section

How can I use my results?

You can use the links the we send you to your reviews to showcase your success! You can use the POS and Logo order forms we send you to order shelf-talkers, bottle stickers, or a license the use of our logos and medal artwork. A free certificate and e-shelftalker is available for all entrants to use. For more information see our Results page or contact us at awards@tastings.com.

How can I pay my Entry Fees?

We accept check, credit card or wire transfer payments for your convenience. Issue all checks payable to Tastings.com. We do not accept foreign checks. Wire transfers: Contact: deb@tastings.com. Foreign wire fees, add $30 to total due. All in US Dollars. Any related shipping charges will be billed to your credit card on file. Results will not be released until full payment is received. If you have any questions about payment, please email us at accounts@tastings.com.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes! All entrants will receive a receipt summarizing your entries' details for your approval and status of payment and samples received. More than one copy of a receipt may be emailed to entrant if payment or samples are missing as a reminder notice. If you have not received a copy or wish to make a copy request, please email: deadlines@tastings.com

How do I ship samples?

All samples can be shipped to our office at: Tastings, 4849 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 304, Chicago, IL 60630. If you are shipping from outside the US or would like further details please visit our detailed Shipping Info page.

What if I missed the deadline?

All wines and beers can be submitted throughout the month. But, if you miss the category deadline you wished to enter, we can review your entry if you contact us first at chad@tastings.com. Our grace period is a few days, but if it's been a few weeks, we can put your entries into the following month's out-of-schedule review. Spirits must be entered by thier category deadlines. Spirits Deadlines

Where do I find an entry form?

Select the product category from our Get Reviewed page or if you're a big picture person, find your form on this island of forms.

What if I changed my mind after entry?

Entries may be cancelled up to 14 days after the deadline date. The entry fee will be refunded minus any banking fees within this period. You may replace your entry with a different product at no additional cost. If you entered and failed to ship samples or make payment, a record for entry will be canceled after 21 days. If you wish to change or amend an entry, please call Chad Wulff, 773-930-4080 or email: chad@tastings.com

My product is not imported in the US, can I still enter?

Yes! Two requirements for entry are that your products must be legally produced and commercially available for sale in at least one market. Often, products that are reviewed by Tastings will find a US importer because our tasting reviews receive wide international distribution and are closely followed by importers and distributors looking for new, high quality brands to represent.

What if my product receives a low quality review?

All entrants will receive email notifications of their results either 45 or 60 days after their deadline. The results will be published online at Tastings.com for three years. If there are questions about your reviews please contact our production team. If all of your samples are found by our panels to be flawed, tainted or damaged, you will be contacted by our production team for additional samples for one retaste. Additional retastes of the same product (and vintage) would count as anouther entry and would be subject to another entry fee.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes! If the receipt you automatically receive is not sufficient, please request an invoice for payment from our AR department accounts@tastings.com.

Do you offer private consulting or private tasting services?

Yes! We have a full service private consulting division. We offer a range of confidential private tasting services for: quality control checks, pre-release/pre-launch reviews of brands, developmental tastings, or comparative tastings and analyses with competitive brands. For more details or a quote, please reach us at 773-930-4080 or email: consulting@tastings.com