Who can enter into BTI's competitions?

The Beverage Testing Institute reviews alcohol beverages and related product that are commercially available from any country. It is open to all producers, distributors, retailers, agents, importers, ad agencies or public relations offices.

Where can I find an entry form & schedule?

You can find our entry form and schedule here. A link to download an entry form will be available plus the ability to view our deadlines for 2019.

Which category should I enter my product into?

You can refer to our review schedule as a guideline, but any specific questions can be directed to customer service.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the entry form?

You can email customer service for any questions regarding product entry.

Where do I send my form?

You can email your form to customer service. Once our team processes your form, they will then send you a Registration Confirmation email, a paid or unpaid invoice, and additional information regarding the next steps.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, wire transfer (additional fees may apply), and U.S.-bank-checks. Please remember that payment is required for all entry and shipping fees before results will be released or published.

What is included with my entry fee?

Each scored entry receives:
- A blind tasting in dedicated sensory laboratory with expert judges
- A 100-point score based on our proprietary methodology
- A Professional tasting note
- Free digital shelf-talker image
- Use of our standard BTI award logo artwork
- A 3-year published review with your bottle image and your company information on Tastings.com for 3 years
- A Buy-It-Now button on your product's review page to help boost your e-commerce sales

Do you have volume discounts available?

Yes, please contact customer service for more information.

What is the deadline for entry and product arrival?

Entry forms are due by the 1st of each month and samples are due by the 15th of each month. We also understand delays sometimes happen, and we are able to adjust if necessary. Email customer service to discuss your situation.

What if I need my product reviewed out of schedule?

We have a range of solutions to get you the reviews you need on your schedule. You can contact customer service to review your needs.

Do you offer private unpublished reviews, expedited tastings or reviews of products not yet commercially available?

We have a full service private consulting division available to help. We offer a range of confidential services for: quality control checks, pre-release/pre-launch reviews, developmental tastings, or comparative tastings and analyses with competitive brands. For more details or a quote, please reach us at 773-930-4080 x25 or through email.

My product is not imported into the US, can I still enter?

Yes, however shipping into the U.S requires additional steps: you can check out our quick guide for shipping for guidance.

Where would I find information about your methodology?

You can find more information about our methodology here.

Can you help me find a Illinois distributor?

Upon reviewing your product, we offer a unique solution for making connections with Illinois distributors. Contact our product specialists to learn more.

What happens if I change my mind after I enter?

Entries may be cancelled up to 14 days after the deadline date. The entry fee can be refunded or be used as a credit for future use. We also offer the chance to replace your entry with a different product at no additional cost if you desire. Please contact our customer service and we will process this change in our system.

When do I receive results?

Wine and Beer category results are released and published 45 days from their deadline, and Spirit category results are released and published 60 days from their deadline. One re-taste will be granted for any obviously flawed, tainted or damaged samples — but only with the same product and vintage. Additional retastes would require a new entry and an additional entry fee. All paid products that have been entered and reviewed will be published on Tastings.com, no exceptions.

For non-published review options, please contact our consulting division.

Samples & Shipping

How many products do I need to ship?

Beer: Ship (6) 12oz, 330ml (or equivalent volume) in bottles, cans, growlers, or crowlers
Wine: Ship (2) 750ml (or equivalent) bottles
Spirits: Ship (2) 750ml (or equivalent) bottles

If you have specific questions regarding sample size/quantity, contact customer service for further assistance.

Where do I ship my products now that I've entered?

You can ship it to our Chicago, IL office:

Beverage Testing Institute
4849 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60630 USA

What documents to do I include with my shipments?

If you have already registered, then there is no need to include any documents. However if you have not registered yet, please include your entry form in the package.

Which delivery service do you recommend?

We recommend you use FedEx for ease. Please make sure to take into account the temperature in Chicago, IL as it can affect the shipment and quality of your product upon arrival. We recommend using insulated shippers in the winter and cold packs in the summer, and not shipping on Fridays in those seasons.

Can I drop off my samples at your office?

Yes, our offices are open Monday thru Friday, 9am -5pm:

Beverage Testing Institute
4849 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60630

If you're not able to drop off during those times please email our customer service or call the office at 773-930-4080 to make other arrangements.

If I am not licensed in Illinois, can I still ship into the state?

Yes, a license from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) is not required to ship us samples, as we are an approved lab, not a consumer. For further information, please refer to our ILCC Approval Letter.

Shipping from outside the US

If I'm shipping internationally, what documents do I need to include in my package?

You will find more information regarding international shipping in our Quick Guide for Shipping.

What happens if my products are stuck in customs and I miss a deadline?

Please contact customer service to review your situation.

Marketing Your Results

What kind of Point-of-Sale marketing tools do you offer?

Our Marketing Tool Kit outlines the various Point-of-Sale (POS) materials we have available for purchase. Once you receive your results you'll receive a customized POS form that you can order items.

Any POS enquires can be directed to our POS Department.

How can I promote my awards?

-Let the world know about your awards through your social media channels and make sure to tag us @tastingsbti on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
-Low-cost printed items such as: Stickers, medallions, trophies and shelf talkers
-Use of our free, standard digital award logo to use on packaging, social medial and your brand site
-Press Release - You may submit a press release featuring our name, reviews, and awards through email. Prior to dissemination, we must approve of any usage of Tastings/BTI's name and/or content in the press release

How long are my results good for?

Your full reviews are published on Tastings.com for 3 years. After that they will be moved to our results archive. We offer the ability to renew your review, please contact us for more information.

What if my product receives a Not Recommended (NR) review?

Upon release, you will receive a private link for your eyes only to see the tasting note describing the issue. NR reviews are not searchable on our site or by search engines.

What happens if I don't want my review posted on Tastings.com?

All paid-reviews from our competitive tastings are published online. The only exception to this rule is if there are sample-condition flaws like cork-taint, maderization, or oxidization, in which case you will be contacted for additional samples by our team.

Only products reviewed in our private consulting division have the option to be unpublished. Contact our consulting division for more information about our private-consulting services.

Who do I contact for further information about my results?

You can reach out to one of our product specialists for more information.