Tastings Wine Review Service

Winning a Beverage Testing Institute award from Tastings is an impressive achievement for any product. The award proves the quality, standard and excellence of a beverage by undergoing our rigorous, blind tasting test. Our principles are deeply rooted and launched the standards for blind, objective tastings for wine, beer and spirits in the US. We were founded in 1981 and remain today as the only on going, annual testing review company.

Our reviews numbering 50,000+ provide brands from over 50+ countries with meaningful content for marketing, sales growth and quality improvement. Our sponsorship-free charter ensures the highest integrity and credibility. And, our searchable database for product reviews lends a one-stop source for customers to find the beverage they like or learn about new ones. We are a true brand partner for beverages.

Do you have a...?

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Spirit
  • Mixer
  • Mead
  • Bitter
  • Sake
  • Cider
  • Innovative Package
  • Unique Product

Why Enter?

You made a great product, now get it reviewed! Third party reviews have a important impact on buyers. In a study by the Wine Market Council, 56% of entrants surveyed rated a review "extremely" or "very" important in making their purchasing decision. That's where we can help! Our reviews will provide you with:

  • Flavor profile keywords
  • Point-of-sale material
  • Free and searchable review on Tastings.com
  • Quality control
  • Market insight & feedback

Who can Enter?

Tastings is open to anyone who produces, markets or sells wine, beer or spirits. The product must be commercially available for sale in at least one country of either origin or export.

How does the Judging Work?

All samples are checked-in to our temperature-controlled room and carefully catalogued using our UPC coding system. Judges are invited 30 days in advance of tasting schedules which take place weekly through the year in a series of selected flights. Our judges are highly trained industry buyers and experts, with certifications such as CSW, CSS, MS, MW, Cicerone or USBG.

Upon entering, our tasting room is designed to minimize external impacts and maximize panelist's critique. In one flight per day, quantity is limited to 20-30 samples only. This is to prevent palate fatigue and produce accuracy of the evaluation. Our proprietary technology provides judges the best platform to rate aroma, appearance and taste for each sample provided by its varietal and origin. A final score is then catalogued and published.

What do the Scores mean?

Final judges scores are tallied and translated onto a 100-point scale for today's market in what we call our Five-Star system.

  • 96 to 100 = Superlative (Platinum Medal)
  • 90 to 95 = Exceptional (Gold Medal)
  • 85 to 89 = Highly Recommended (Silver Medal)
  • 80 to 84 = Recommended (Bronze Medal)
  • 0 to 80 = Not Recommended (no Medal)

Need more information? Please contact our office to speak with a representative for more information: 773-930-4080. You can also email us at: bti@tastings.com

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