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Finding the highest quality spirits is the focus for our annual spirit review. We illuminate a distiller's craft and the distinct character of their spirits. Our blind tastings provide an objective, third party affirmation of a spirit's quality and taste and communicates this to consumers. Strengthen your spirit with a recognition from Tastings.
Your spirits must be commercially available for sale, in its country of origin or export market, at the time of registration.
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  • Ship us: two 750ml (or equivalent) bottles
  • Mailing Address: 4849 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 304, Chicago, IL 60630
  • Fax or Email form to: - 773-930-4598
  • Enclose payment: $400 per spirit.
  • Any questions? Need a spirit reviewed Out-of-Schedule? Email us at or Call our office: 773-930-4080

Spirits Category Schedule

Every month we taste a different spirits category. See our calendar below. Results are released 60 days after each deadline.
You can enter your spirit at anytime outside of this schedule to receive your review in just 30 days using our private consulting services.
New: Now featuring World Cocktail Championships™ competitions for the following spirits categories: Gin & White Vermouth - Best Martini (Jan. 1), Tequila - Best Margarita (March 1), Rum & Orange Liqueurs - Best Daiquiri (May 1), North American Whiskey & Red Vermouth - Best Manhattan (Sept. 1).

All products must be registered by the 1st and shipped by the 15th.
For entry to: World Cocktail Championships - make selection with spirit entry where applicable

  • January 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Jan. 15

    Gin & Genever   &   White/Dry Vermouth   &   *World Cocktail Championships: Gin Martini*
  • February 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Feb. 15

    Vodka & Flavored Vodka
  • March 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Mar. 15

    Tequila & Agave Spirits   &   Orange Liqueurs & Triple Sec   &   *World Cocktail Championships: Margarita*

    Mezcal • Sotol • Flavored Tequila • Bacanora & All Craft Agave Spirits

  • April 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Apr. 15

    Cocktail Mixers & Ready to Drink Cocktails   &   The Elixir Cup™  

    Ready-to-Drink Cocktails • Cocktail Mixers • Sodas • Bar Syrups • Shrubs • Vinegars • Tinctures

  • May 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline May 15

    Rum & Cane Spirits   &   The Bitter Battle®   &   *World Cocktail Championships: Daiquiri*

    Rum • Flavored Rum • Spiced Rum • Agricole Rhum • Cachaça • Pisco • Aguardiente and All Cane Spirits • All Cocktail Bitters

  • June 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Jun. 15

    World Whisky

    Scotch • Irish • Continental Europe • India • Taiwan • French • Japan • All Craft Distilled Whiskies Outside of North America

  • July 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Jul. 15

    World Brandy   &   Cognac, Armagnac, Grappa & Calvados

    Eau-de-Vie • Grape Brandy • Fruit Brandy • Applejack

  • August 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Aug. 15

    Fall & Winter Liqueurs

    Fruit • Cream • Chocolate • Coffee • Herb/Spice • Anise • Floral • Nut • Schnapps • Amaro • Fernet • Absinthe • Bitter Liqueurs • Aperitivos • Aperitifs

  • September 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Sep. 15

    North American Whiskey   &   Red/Sweet Vermouth   &   *World Cocktail Championships: Manhattan*

    Bourbon • Tennessee • Rye • Un-aged • Canadian • American • Moonshine • Corn • Wheat • Flavored • Straight • Single Malt & All American Craft Whiskies • Red/Sweet Vermouth

  • October 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Oct. 15

    New & Innovative Spirits

    All styles & distillates

  • November 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Nov. 15

    Best Buy Bar® Competition

    All spirits $25 and under retail

  • December 1st

    Registration Deadline

    Sample Deadline Dec. 15

    Asian Spirits   &   Spirits Packaging Competition

    Baijiu • Shochu • Soju • Arrack • Bottle • Label • Gift Box • Case • Spirits Accessories • Novelties & Glassware

Terms of Use

By entering by form, you agree to abide by the terms of our competition rules and usage policy:
In particular, this competition is only for commercial spirits from commercial distilleries. All spirits entered MUST be available for purchase, either in the US or in their country of origin, at the time of registration. Entries that do not meet these criteria will be disqualified from the competition without refund.

Brands that are not commercially available at the time of registration may qualify for our private review services.

As a supplement to your entry, you may also choose to enter the new World Cocktail Championships for a chance to be selected as the best spirit for a classic cocktail.


$400 per spirit. We accept credit card, check or wire transfer payment. Checks should be payable to Payment terms are net 30. Wire transfers: Contact: Foreign wires require $30 fee payable in US Dollars. Any related shipping charges will be charged to credit card on file. Results will not be released until full payment is received.

Results Package

A copy of your results will be emailed to you. All reviews are published on individual product pages on up to 3 years. Your entry agreement allows the right to feature the review on Tastings social media. Your package will contain a Point-Of-Sale form to buy stickers and shelf-talkers. A form to purchase a license for our Tastings spirits logo for packaging, POS, print, digital or TV media is also included. For more information about licensing our spirits logo go to our licensing page.

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What is the International Review of Spirits?

America's Oldest and Most Influential Spirits Competition

The Tastings International Review of Spirits Competition is the most authoritative, most consistent, and most influential annual spirits review in the United States for the last 20 years. Unlike other "weekender" spirits events, our spirits competition was the first comprehensive, annual international spirits judging ever held in the United States. Throughout the year, Tastings-Beverage Testing Institute invites select members of the trade to join them as panelists in blind tastings of specific categories of spirits. Spirits producers and importers, large and small, from around the world and across the country participate in our ongoing spirits competition because they know that BTI conducts the most objective, consistent, and widely respected spirits reviews in America. Millions of consumers use spirits reviews on and elsewhere when making their spirits buying decisions. Retailers and distributors across the US closely watch our reviews when looking for products to carry.

Unlike standard spirits competitions, spirits producers and marketers get valuable and effective marketing tools by participating in Tastings' industry-leading spirits reviews:

  • 100-point scale ratings and consumer-oriented tasting notes for point-of-sale materials
  • Three-year publication of reviews on, the highest trafficked spirits review site on the Internet
  • Annual press releases for top scoring products
  • Ability to feature product labels next to reviews on*
  • Ability to order shelf-talkers and logos for POS and campaigns*
  • Platinum, gold, silver, or bronze medal award certificates suitable for framing
  • Links to reviews on for Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Top Spirits, Distillery of the Year, and Spirit of the Year awards

  • All products will be tasted blind by a panel consisting of trained Tastings staff and talented guest panelists from the spirits world. BTI uses a proprietary tasting methodology that assures accurate, repeatable results. Each product will receive a score based on a 100-point scale and a tasting note. Based on the scores from the current session, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze medalists will be declared for each category. We look forward to another year of discovering the best tasting spirits available and invite spirits producers, importers and marketers to participate in the most important spirits event in America.

    * Additional fees apply for the use of Tastings' Spirits Logos

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