Spirits, Wine, & Beer Packaging Competition

In this highly competitive market, packaging has never been more important. Today's buyers are confronted and sometimes confounded, by an array of new brands. Our mission is to focus attention on the stand-outs! Creative logos, imagery, graphics on bottles, labels, carriers and cases grab attention on crowded retail shelves and coolers. We'll help showcase your brand personality and most importantly invites consumers to try your eye-catching product.

Entry Deadline is December 1st

  • Categories
  • Paper Label (PL)
  • Etched or Embossed Label (EL)
  • Shrink Wrap Sleeve (SW)
  • Bottle Wrap (BW)
  • Bottle (B)
  • Gift Box (GB)
  • Case (C)
  • Label Series (LS)
  • Accessories (A)
  • Novelties (N)
  • Glassware (G)

At the end of every year, Tastings.com invites a select panel of on-and-off premise buyers and managers, packaging designers, and journalists to judge not what's in the bottle, but the bottle itself. We judge the paper labels, gift boxes, carriers, tap handles, and cases that are all important elements of today's dynamic and expanding liquor marketplace. We select the stand out designs. Want in?

Judging Criteria

Entries will be scored on the basis of the following design element categories:

  • Creativity: Fresh and original concepts and execution
  • Graphic Design: Images, text, and arrangement thereof
  • Form: Shape, texture, and mass
  • Style: Relationship of the package elements to the character of the product and its projected image
  • Functional Innovation: Technological, pragmatic, and design breakthroughs

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals will be awarded to the winners of each design element category as well as the Overall Best Bottle and Best Gift Box package.

Terms of Use

By entering by form, you agree to abide by the terms of our competition rules and usage policy: http://trade.tastings.com/info/policy


Enclose: Spirits: $200 per category entered; Wine: $75 per per category entered; Beer: $50 per category entered.
We accept credit card, check or wire transfer payment. Checks should be payable to Tastings.com. Wire transfers: Contact: deb@tastings.com. Foreign wires require $30 fee payable in US Dollars. Any related shipping charges will be charged to credit card on file. Results will not be released until full payment is received.

Results Package

A copy of your results will be emailed to you. All reviews are published on our trade site for 3 years. Your package will contain free Point-Of-Sale and options to buy printed stickers and shelf-talkers.

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Let the Tastings begin!

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