Shipping Instructions

How to Send Us Samples for Review

Submit Your Samples in Four (4) Steps

Step 2: Submit Registration Forms

After downloading an entry form, type or write information into the form and save it as a new file. Email the form to: or Fax to: 800-238-7972

Step 3: Ship Samples

Ship only AFTER you have faxed or emailed your registration forms to us. You may also include copies in the box, but only to confirm your registration.

Ship to:
Beverage Testing Institute
4849 N. Milwaukee Ave, Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60630 USA
P: 773-930-4080

Step 4: Verify information

Once we receive your entry forms we will send you a receipt with your product information. Please review carefully, make any corrections, and fax back to 800-238-7972 or 773-930-4598 or email to

Your results will be mailed and emailed to your contact information provided on the registration form. The same company information will be posted next to your review on, unless otherwise noted. Results will only be released upon full payment of the registration fees and any incidiental shipping fees.

Please note: A license from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission is not required to ship us samples. Please advise your shipper of this fact and download this document from the ILCC for your shipper's records: ILCC Approval Letter for Tastings/BTI

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