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Stop Paying for Customers - Make Them Come to You

The secret is inbound marketing!

One of the least obtrusive and most relevant ways to convert prospects into customers is inbound marketing. What is inbound marketing? We’ll tell you!

What is it:

Inbound marketing is creating and sharing content specifically for your ideal customers to attract, convert and keep long-term profitable relationships.

How to use it:

We have to become digital marketing experts and use the tools at our fingertips. These should include a blog, SEO, website landing pages and social media. The first step to implement inbound marketing is publishing and writing engaging content for your customers. Tailor content around a popular service by answering your customer’s questions. 


Write mini- How To’s or Did You Know about your company and show personality, thought and relevancy. If you’re a brewpub and want more fans, write up a Scavenger Beer Hunt and create an experience to engage people in the content. Then post it on a geo-location site like: brewerydb.com or fan influencer site like Tastings.com. Use a link to the brewpub website, include a hashtag so you can track retweets and upon a visitor’s click, ask them to sign up or download the scavenger map. Remember to use Google Analytics to measure success.

Final Tip:

Be a closer, no matter what! The most difficult part of inbound marketing is closing. In the example above, there are multiple conversion points possible to lose a customer. Each point must be easy, seamless and well planned. Ask the visitor to offer their email address before they can download a scavenger map. If they’ve come this far, it’s a homerun! Send them an invitation by email for a Buy One/Get One tap draft. You’ll get traffic in the door and happy, new customers you can reach again and again.

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