We love fan mail! But these success stories make us extra happy!

Our Impact

"Grey Goose had a great taste to begin with, but it was BTI's score that put us on the map. Without that, I'm not sure Grey Goose could have grown into a best-seller."

Sidney Frank, President of Sidney Frank Importing Co.

"The (Tastings) rankings have an effect on what restaurants put on their wine lists and ultimately, on what you might be drinking."

Joe Gray, Editor at Chicago Tribune

"We applaud your ruthless, objective testing methodology. (Tastings) sets the standard for others to follow."

Bill Samuels Jr., President at Maker's Mark Distillery

"BTI is all about being objective and professional. I send our beers to them because I believe I get an honest and true comparison of how they compare to world-class products in their category."

Kirby Nelson, Brewmaster at Capital Brewery

Our Marketing Results

"The BTI adds to the buzz that helps us share our brand stories with trade gatekeepers. Since getting through that gate is the hardest part of the selling process, BTI is one tool we can count on to help us move forward."

Jim Caudill, Marketing at Brown-Forman

"We use the reviews from (Tastings) as part of our marketing materials. The information provided is well-received by both retail and wholesale customer bases and has generated an increase in sales."

Kathleen Heitz-Meyers, President of Heitz Wine Cellars and Wine Institute Board Chair

"The consistency and broad consumer reach of (Tastings) ratings and reviews really solidified the quality message of our artisan brand and helped us build a well-distributed and highly regarded specialty portfolio of beers."

Laurent-Xavier Gilbert, VP Development at La Brasserie Unibroue

"In the craft beer world of limited marketing budgets, it's great to have a tool like (Tastings) results. They have been a valuable resource for us."

Tom Allen, Marketing Director at North Coast Brewing Co.


Certification & QC Program: We created a 3rd party quality screening process for trade buyers that advised on purchasing decisions for wine, spirits and beer departments. We can create customized programs that provide both lab testing and organoleptic testing for your needs. Liquor importers, wine and spirits producers, distributors, e-commerce wine retailers, two large retail chains and a wine association received significant profitable results from the Tastings Quality Control Program.

Custom Shelf-Talkers: For retailers, sales are the bottom line and to help increase inventory turnover we were challenged to engage and communicate with the customer better. Creating a customized shelf talker with a widget icon, our point rating and flavor attributes, this produced happier and more profitable retail customers that made buying decision faster and easier. We know how to resonate with consumers and produce engaging content. 6 months of original testing expanded to all stores in the region using our custom shelf talker experience.


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